Khang Dien (KDH): 20 Years Of Sustainable Development – Building Reputable Brand


Khang Dien (KDH): 20 Years Of Sustainable Development – Building Reputable Brand

After 20 years of development, Khang Dien House Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company (Khang Dien) has become a professional developer with total assets of 13,934 billion Vietnamese Dong, becoming a reputable brand favored and trusted by various business partners and customers.

verosa dhcd 2

Terrace houses and villas in 5-star standard project Verosa Park. The project is almost 100% sold and is being handed-over to customers from May 2020


Khang Dien’s 20 years of development was marked by the completion of many townhouse and villas in the East of Ho Chi Minh City such as projects Venica, Lucasta, Verosa Park, Merita, Melosa, Mega etc. Khang Dien has been known as a reputable developer focusing on developing terrace houses products with high security 24/7, private living environment. On its way of development, Khang Dien slowly built its investment value, creating different types of products and ventured into highrise segments with projects Jamila, Safira and Lovera Vista. Being established in 2001, Khang Dien has provided more than 20,000 homes to the market with absorption rate of almost 100%. The company’s reputation has been proven by products’ quality. Especially, Khang Dien only launched its projects upon completion of all legal requirements and infrastructure development and landscaping. Those projects have contributed into Ho Chi Minh City’s urban development.

lovera 1Lovera Vista high-rise residential project by KDH in the South of HCMC. Being located within the well-established and modern urban area, the project enjoy green living environment and facilities. The project is expected to be handed-over to customers from Q2, 2021.

Khang Dien’s 2020 financial result remains positive. Profit after tax exceeded target and achieved 1,152 billion VND. Charter Capital increased to 5,786 billion VND. In the evaluation period of July 2020, KDH (Khang Dien’s Stock) was categorized into Basket VN30 by HOSE. According to Bao Viet Security (BVSC), Khang Dien’s outstanding strength is most of assets remains in land banking and does not spread into other investment categories.
Khang Dien was highly appreciated in investors thanks to its strong financial capability and safe capital structure. Company’s owner capital accounts for 59% of the total capital. Therefore, Khang Dien has long-term cooperation with big shareholders, investment funds and leading domestic and international banks such as Dragon Capital, VinaCapital, Vietinbank, Vietcombank, OCB etc.
Besides good business result, Khang Dien aims for sustainable development and commits to social responsibility. In 2020, Khang Dien contributed 38 billion VND into various CSR programs such as: fighting Covid-19 pandemic, anti-mangrove invasion program in western provinces; CSR eye surgery program; giving scholarships for poor childrens; supporting school construction, house construction ect. In the future, Khang Dien plans to continue and further expand these CSR activities.

Year 2021 marks 20 years of development focusing in real state. Khang Dien’s credo is “Where you can trust – Where you build home”. Khang Dien’s advantage relies on large land banking with strategic location in the East and the South of Ho Chi Minh City. Khang Dien’s presence in Thu Duc benefits from the development of different infrastructure projects including Metro Line No.1, HCMC – Long Thanh – Giay Day highway, Ring road No.2, Ring road No.3,  bringing value to real estates in the area. On the other hand, existing land banking in the South of HCMC has great potential thanks to the actual residential demand in surrounding areas such as Binh Tan, Binh Chanh.

safira1 1

Safira high-rise residential project by KDH in Thu Duc City was handed-over at 3-months earlier than original plan. The project is under pink-book issuance process for customers.

Housing demand in Ho Chi Minh City increases gradually due to population growth, and surpasses housing supply. It is opportunities for sizable real estate developers with financial capabilities and legal compliance like Khang Dien. Knowing the potentiality and opportunities in the next decade, Khang Dien management board identified many plans to bring the company onto a next level, continue developing different product ranges to suit customers and market’s demand; to expand land bank and to improve investment returns together with to expand the cooperation with strategic partners. In 2021, Khang Dien targets revenue of 4,800 billion VND, profit after tax of 1,200 billion VND, implements 3 new projects (2 landed-house projects of 4.3ha and 5.7ha respectively in Thu Duc City; 01 high-rise project of 1.8ha in Binh Tan District). By doing that, Khang Dien aim to build a solid foundation to further develop large-scale new urban areas, bringing the real value, maintaining the trust from shareholders, business partners and customers.